Attention: PC OWNERS

Take a few moments to read this very special offer and take advantage of this opportunity!

Do you own a computer but need some help in learning how to use it?

Learn all about basic computer operations, e-mail, and browsing the Internet.

Want to have a computer job but donít know the basics or have the skills to manipulate?

Let us teach you computers without leaving your house and without interrupting your daily work. Training can be done at the most convenient time for you. We are available on evenings and weekends.

Computer Introduction and Basic Tutorials include the following:

Microsoft Word 2000 - will help you learn how to harness its features like formatting text, paragraphs and pages, inserting tables, adding clip art and charts. This tool will increase office productivity work and will help you in any documents that need to be done.

Microsoft Excel 2000 - will help you develop the skills needed to analyze data, create formulas and functions, customize and print reports, enhance and use multiple worksheets. This tool will help manage business finances whether its calculating financial figures or generating powerful charts for reports.

MS Access 2000 - will help you learn the basics for building tables, including field names, data types and properties. Designing data entry forms, creating reports, entering, editing information and using queries will be featured.

We will teach you on how to install software, design a web page, and create a personalized card, labels, shirts and many more.

We also complete tax returns and do other computer-related tasks.

Appointment is on a first call first served basis.

For more details, please feel free to contact:

Darrell Enterprises

#240-217-8959 or 301-766-7960